Technology meets Cooling

DimasTech Systems is the department that deals with the design and development of thermal management solutions for any product.

The division focus its attention on thermal solutions for small applications, where it is necessary to attain pre-determined temperature thresholds, which are fully adjustable from the operator. This is the real meaning of the phrase “Technology meets Cooling”: the implementation of high technological solutions to solve thermal issues.

This has led DimasTech Systems SNC to work together with several companies, research institutes and organizations.

The department is able to work closely with the client to develop the best solution to the problem proposed, in all areas in which it is required expertise in thermal management of simple or complex equipment, from the microprocessor to the most advanced industrial application.


Thermal Management

DimasTech Systems helps its clients every day to face the problems of thermal management of their products, designing products ranging from simple plate cooled and medical applications for research laboratories: we offer custom solutions for every type of need.
Our team is able to understand the needs of the most demanding customers, accompanying them in finding the best solution that will solve their thermal management problems, always specifying, in the initial phase, all possible solutions available, divided by ratio of price/performance or energy consumption/performance.


Total Customization

Thermal management is a very complicated discipline, which requires knowledge ranging from physics, electronics and thermodynamics.
Our approcah is to follow the client in every step of the project, from the design, to the prototype, to the final production, leading to the creation of a product that strictly follows customers' specifications.


Creation of Innovative Solutions

Innovation has always had a top priority when DimasTech when bringing the best products to the market. This is why DimasTech Systems SNC never stops developing its products, continuing the development and research toward new, innovative solutions to thermal management issues such as power consumption, better cooling performance and above all Eco-sustainability.
Each and every innovation breakthrough is then brought to the existing and future product lines, so to extend the life of products in the hands of customers with trivial additions and upgrades.
Research and development point in two directions: Power Consumption and Eco-Compatibility. This all brings to the reduction of CO2 emission in the atmosphere during the manufacturing phase, the advantages of which are obvious for both customers and the environment.


Green Economy

Green Economy can be dealt as the future of manufacturing. DimasTech Systems SNC works actively in implementing all possible solutions to reduce the environmental impact of each product manufactured.
Through the use of Eco-friendly gases and high next-gen compression devices we can effectively reduce power consumption and greenhouse gases.
DimasTech Systems SNC is in the works of obtaining all certifications relative to the use of F-Gas, being the most important objective the reduction of greenhouse gas emission.


3D Design and Empirical / Thermal Simulations

The design phase of DimasTech solutions is carried through with 3D design software, giving us the possibility to collaborate with the client in a very efficient way and encouraging the fast exchange of ideas.
For more complex projects we can accomplish fluid-thermo-dynamics simulations, which aim to explore the best possible solution even before building the prototype.
Empirical tests are usually the last phase of the design process, during which we have the possibility to create test benches to verify the prototypes built, both as regards thermal parameters and security.